About Me

Greetings! I’m Ness Kingsley, or rather, Ness Kingsley is my nom de plume. My actual name isn’t Gertrude, Bertha or Franny. Alas, nor is it an animal name, which is a shame as I think I’d make a good Panda or Leopard (Leo for short).

I’m English, a Christian, and a dedicated bookworm. (Seriously. My bank account hates me.)

I like walking in the rain and drinking too much tea, avoiding any moth that comes my way and occasionally belting out songs at the top of my voice. (In my head, I’m a singer with a powerful set of lungs, in reality … in reality I haven’t driven anyone insane. Yet.)

This blog is a light-hearted place with plenty of posts about writing and the adventures I have in between the covers of books. And a place for ramblings. Everyone needs a place for ramblings.

Welcome to of words & books, I hope you enjoy it here.

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12 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Thank you very much! Oh, I’m sure you will – it was so very fun to write and now I’ve got no word limit there’s plenty of opportunity to fix and mend and grow.

      There’s a jaunt in the 1920s coming up, so watch this space : )

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