PROJECT IF: I took a poem for inspiration. Note to self: maybe don’t do this in the future.

PROJECT UNICORN POOP: I wrote the premise of this in a flash story. Now – I’m diving deeper into the miry depths of unicorn poop.


NOTE: All of my short stories have been taken down, awaiting new covers and no typos. (NOT THAT THERE WERE ANY TYPOS.)

(There were.)


Our Intrepid Heroine

There are three things that you really ought to know about our Intrepid Heroine: Firstly, she cannot pronounce ‘felicitations’. Secondly, a unicorn is following her about. Thirdly, she’s on her way to kill a dragon.

A dragon that has killed an entire flock of her father’s sheep, three goats and one pig.

And a frog.

Throw in a command from a King, a knight (or two), and a mysterious Hooded Person of Unknown Gender and this dragon had better watch his scales.



Reviews can be found at: The World of a Writer,  Oi! Don’t Get Clever In Latin, Homeschooled Authors and katiescottagebooks



The Curse of Cackling Meadows

All she really wanted was to return home. A curse, a carrot and a unicorn later and our Intrepid Heroine is on her way to finding out just why Cackling Meadows has been beset by so strange a curse.

Accompanied by a unicorn with sensitive nostrils and a Songster whose name isn’t Hector, she will discover that princes, curses and even dragons aren’t always quite what they seem.

goodreads // kindle

A review can be found at katiescottagebooks


Our Accidental Adventure

One moment they are sailing across a sheltered bay for a camping trip, the next they are surrounded by fog and end up in the Caribbean.

Or are they?

A highly improbable adventure, in which fishermen wear suits, English gentlemen aren’t quite what they seem and three siblings can’t tell friend from foe.


Reviews can be found at: katiescottagebooks, Oi! Don’t Get Clever in Latin and Goodreads


The Dragons We Hunt 

A trilogy full of dragons, kidnappings, mighty warriors and courageous heroines.

– – –


The Many Trials of a Blacksmith is told in three parts. Like a house of falling cards, his life collapses about him. He seeks vengeance and finds an adventure – one which will change the course of his life.

 – – –


Unlikely is a story about a Princess with her head in the clouds and the events which bring her down to earth. Kings and vagabonds, warriors and cowards, hatred and fear, war and peace. A story with opposites and an unlikely heroine.


16 thoughts on “Writings”

      1. Self-published. Once you get to grips with it … it’s fine. You should have seen the first front-cover though. I’m going to do a post on that – it is outrageously horrible πŸ™‚

        She still hasn’t got a name – and I’m writing a sequel at the moment. I don’t know what I’m going to do when she finally reaches home. That should be fun : )

      2. Go for it! There are so many good sites out there to help you (if you need a list, I can give you some). But most importantly, just do it. You learn on the job and it turns out alright and is totally worth it.

      3. At the moment, I’m only using KDP – they are good; really easy to publish too. It’s the buisness/tax side that is a little complicated – after that it is plain sailing.

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